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The MCassab Group encourages and sponsors social responsibility initiatives that transcend physical boundaries. These activities are carried out in partnership with the NGO Vocação, a non-profit organization operating in the areas of education, culture and citizenship for more than 50 years.

The main efforts of this synergy are focused in the Cidade Julia Unit of the Frei Tito de Alencar Lima Center for Promotion and Human Rights. The MCassab Group built the organization’s headquarters in this community and also maintains social programs for adolescents and young people in the area. Facilities include five classrooms, a computer center, cafeteria and multi-purpose sports court.

The partnership between MCassab and the NGO Vocação also extends to the Work Preparation Program, implemented in three other institutions: The Macedonia Association of Active Citizenship (in the Campo Limpo region) as well as the Paul VI Revival Movement and the Villaregia Missionary Community (both in the Embu Guaçu region).

Across all initiatives developed with the NGO Vocação, each year MCassab supports the development of more than 230 children (aged 4 to 15) and 270 teenagers (aged 16 to 18). These initiatives benefit a total of 500 children and young people.

Lego TM® Toy Library

Development and Integration

In 2010, LEGO® was invited to develop one of the rooms in the Center for Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment at Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo.

This playful and therapeutic space aims to motivate and support children in development and integration, while also improving their motor coordination and logical reasoning.

Progress in these areas expedites the process of treating these patients.
The LEGO® concept has been used throughout the room, including colorful walls decorated with mini figures.

Hospital Sírio-Libanês Projects


Hospital Sírio-Libanês is a philanthropic institution and one of the most important hospitals in Brazil and Latin America. Its mission is to be a medical center of excellence, focused on healthcare actions, teaching, research and other specific initiatives such as the “Embrace your Neighborhood” program and the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic (attending to around 4,000 children free of charge).

The MCassab Group is proud to support these projects as well as the Laboratory of Surgical and Molecular Pathological Anatomy.

The latter, inaugurated in September 2013, was made possible thanks to the donation made by Fabio Cutait, President of the MCassab Group. In 2012, our staff gave blood voluntarily through the “Giving blood is giving life” campaign, thereby reinforcing citizenship, solidarity and social responsibility.

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This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)