Nutrition and Laboratory Quality

In addition to products with superior nutritional performance, MCassab also holds the most important quality certifications in the sector and maintains a unique laboratory and Animal Health structure.

Our qualified professionals provide technical support to assist in the development of new products, diagnosing and suggesting improvements to clients and serving the Poultry and Laying Hen markets. Regardless of which production system you use or the genetic profile of your breeding stock, the Premix Line from the MCassab Group is the best solution to the challenges you face.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Cascavel (PR), São Paulo and Valinhos (SP).

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Quality Control

We provide manufactured animal nutrition products that accompany, develop and provide necessary support in all stages in the production cycle. The Swine Business Unit provides a wide range of products for all stages in the farming process. The range includes nucleotides, energy supplements, premixes and micro-pelletized feeds produced to satisfy the highest quality control standards, in accordance with sector requirements. The unit’s professionals are focused on product development and we are committed to providing a continuous supply of premixes.

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Pet & Acqua


The Pet & Aqua Business Unit is fully committed to ensuring the purity, quality and safety of the premixes produced for Petfood and Aqua feeds. All manufacturing in this unit therefore occurs at an isolated site in Valinhos (SP) and we only work with high-purity products, with no risk of performance enhancer or antibiotic cross contamination.

The Valinhos unit is also equipped with an assisted weighing system, providing precision and full traceability in product formulation. This tool is indispensable in meeting the strict HACCP food safety standards required for our products and ensures the highest quality for our clients in the Petfood and Aquaculture markets.



Cattle Farming and Nutritional Technology

We provide nutritional solutions for dairy and beef cattle as well as horses and sheep, providing specialized technical assistance and excellence in the production process. We develop high-tech precise formulas according to species requirements in each stage of rearing, considering metabolic processes that improve food digestion as well as the standardization of ingredients. Our quality certified products increase herds’ reproductive potential and provide exceptional cost-to-benefit and superior technical results.

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