Animal Nutrition and Health

MCassab Animal Nutrition and Health

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of Animal Health & Nutrition, our work has always been supported by constant investments in strategic solutions and innovative technologies for the market, guided by our purpose to feed the world in a safe, accessible and sustainable way. Our work is divided into four macro product lines for the poultry, pork, cattle, aquaculture and pet markets.

LinhaPAC Specialties

Complete line of additives that help boost nutritional performance and efficiency. The LinhaPAC Specialties stands out for its innovative solutions that enhance production profitability and performance, such as: Enzymes, Organic Minerals, Pigments, Adsorbents, Amino Acids, Analytical Markers, Oils, Prebiotics and Probiotics.

LinhaPAC Animal Health

As an essential element to boost zootechnical performance, the LinhaPAC Animal Health incorporates state-of-the-art therapeutic technology and helps keep breeding stock in optimal health conditions, maximizing the genetic potential of animals.



Brazil is the fourth largest pork producer and exporter worldwide. Brazil’s pig farming industry has been increasingly focusing on specific consumer needs, including high quality and food safety across all stages of the production chain. Proper animal handling procedures begin at the feed plant, where diets are defined based on the farmer’s goals and the animal’s development stage.

MAXPIG offers nutritional solutions specifically designed to enhance pig farming production. Products for all breeding stages, formulated with cutting-edge technology, as well as raw materials of high quality and digestibility.


As a staple food in Brazil, the country’s poultry products stand out across the globe. Brazil is the second largest poultry producer and one of the top egg producers in the world. The sector’s high productivity requires a highly technological production process across the board. The MCassab Group guides farmers through this journey with the PoultryMIX line, offering complete nutritional solutions specifically designed to maximize poultry farming performance.

The product line combines production quality to specialized technicians to ensure optimal formulations for each breed. PoultryMIX includes line products tailored to the nutritional needs of each species and production stage, as well as custom products (Tailor Made) developed based on each client’s specific needs.


Dogs, cats and other pets must have a proper diet to ensure a healthy growth and quality of life. The MCassab Group created the PettyMeal® line ten years ago to tackle the pet food market’s challenges and offer innovative solutions in nutrition, in order to increase animal longevity.

With a specialized technical staff and renowned suppliers, the PettyMeal® line stands out for its food safety, technology and quality. Products developed according to each client’s needs, featuring specific formulations for each animal category, race and species.

The PettyMeal® Premixes are produced in a whiteline factory, with guaranteed weighing assisted and certified by GMP and HACCP. This ensures the manufacturing unit is free of performance enhancers, medications and antimicrobials, as well as cross-contamination.

The MCassab Group offers bromatological, microbiological and environmental laboratory exams to its clients, guaranteeing the proper traceability and superior quality of raw materials and finished products.

MCI Ingredients

Advanced nutrition starts with high-quality and balanced ingredients for each diet.

MCI • MCassab Ingredients offers a broad portfolio of ingredients for the animal protein industry, delivering superior zootechnical results.

Complete solutions for our clients, through partnerships with top global producers of isolated ingredients.



The +BEEF line offers cores and concentrates specifically developed to enhance confined production performance. These products are formulated with ideal nutritional levels of vitamins, minerals and additives to ensure animal weight gain. The products help ensure a uniform and progressive fattening process, also promoting herd uniformity.


The +MILK product line offers state-of-the-art nutritional solutions for dairy cows across their entire lifecycle, ensuring superior herd production performance, profitability and stable health conditions.

Supplements that enhance the reproductive potential of animals and offer the best cost-to-benefit ratio, with quality certification and superior results. The +MILK line is formulated with organic minerals with greater bioavailability for the animals.

Animal Nutrition and Health

Feeding the world for the last 50 years

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